Team Building


meet nash 1Rock climbing can be challenging, rewarding, and exciting. 

Our  team-building program is a great way to grow as a unit, learn more about yourself and your co-workers, and develop strong and lifelong trust among your staff.

Corporate Programs and Team Building. Vertical Dreams offers exciting programs that can be customized to accommodate your group’s individual needs.

Rock Climbing in itself is an excellent team building exercise and everyone in the group can participate regardless of physical ability. Climbing involves two people pairing up, one person on the ground (On Belay) holding the rope to support the climber should he/she fall. It is also the belayers role to encourage the climber to meet or exceed their individual goals, through moral support, encouragement, and direction. The other, wearing a harness and attached to the safety rope, scales the wall. This activity requires cooperation and team building skills.

The sport teaches and reinforces communication, trust, and risk taking in a controlled environment, and increases self-confidence. Team building activities all build off of the basic climbing exercise. Speed climbing races, climbing blindfolded, and organizing competitions with a circuit of varying climbs designed for a span of ability levels are examples of variations of the basic sport.

Not everyone wants or needs to be the climber to participate and feel involved. The belayer is a very important responsibility; other alternatives to actually climbing include safety checks and coaching roles. The climber is more successful if the team is supportive. The possibilities and overall structure of the event should be tailored to each group’s needs, goals, and level of experience. We will work with you to get the most out of your day by customizing the program to your satisfaction prior to the event. 

Groups of 10 or more: $30 per person.
Groups under 10 people: $300 Minimum.

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