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If you’re thinking about visiting Vertical Dreams for the first time, we can’t wait to see you! Rock climbing is a fun activity for all ages that can quickly become a healthy and life-enhancing addiction – Vertical Dreams has something for beginner and experienced climbers.

Here are some frequently asked questions that might help out with your first visit:

“What will my first visit be like?”

Like with most things, your visit to Vertical Dreams is what you make it. When you get here, we’ll ask you to sign a waiver. If you’re under the age of 18 the waiver needs to be signed by your parent. Then we get you setup with whatever gear you need (harness, shoes, chalk bag, etc.), and get you started. If you choose to boulder, you’re ready to go. If you choose to climb on the taller walls, we’ll have you take a belay lesson. Already have experience? Ask to take a belay test. Climb on!

“What is the difference between a climber and a belayer?”

Climbing involves two roles: a climber and a belayer. A climber is the person who is… well… climbing. They’re going to be entirely focused on getting themselves up the wall and will be relying on their belayer to keep them from falling. The belayer has one very specific important responsibility: catch the climber should they fall or want to come down. The responsibility of the belayer (called belaying) can be taught to anyone 13 years or older.

As for the specifics: The climber and the belayer both wear climbing harnesses. The climber ties into one end of the rope while the other passes through a secure anchor at the top of the climb, and then back through the belayer’s “belay device”. As the climber moves up the wall, the belayer pulls in slack from the rope ensuring a minimal fall. If the climber does fall or decides to come down, the belayer holds the rope in a “brake” position to slowly lower the climber back down to ground level. It’s easy. We promise!

“Can I hire a belayer?”

You can hire a belayer, but we do need some advance notice. Just give us a call and let us know when and where. When might hiring a belayer be ideal? Maybe you don’t have a climbing partner but want to work on some climbs. Perhaps your kids want to climb, but you aren’t up for becoming a belayer.

“Is there any age limit on who can climb at Vertical Dreams?”

Not at all! The youngest Vertical Dreams tends to see is 4 or 5 year olds, but anyone at all can try rock climbing.

“I’ve never climbed before. Will someone teach me what to do? How long will that take?”

Sure! Vertical Dreams offers all sorts of lessons and activities to get you climbing in no time. The most common is an entry-level belay class that you can request when you arrive. It takes about an hour to go over everything and get really comfortable, but it’s well worth it!

“Do I need to make a reservation to climb at Vertical Dreams or take a introductory lesson?”

Nope! Feel free to climb at Vertical Dreams during any regular business hours.

“What should I bring with me to climb at Vertical Dreams?”

You should bring:

Comfortable clothes to climb in: For men, athletic shorts and a t-shirt will work great. For women, athletic yoga clothing tends to be comfiest!

A waiver (can be filled out online before your visit)

“I have more questions. What should I do?”

Give Vertical Dreams a call, drop in, visit the Facebook page, or check out the FAQ page. The Vertical Dreams staff can answer anything you want to know!


We strongly emphasize personal responsibility and require that each climber sign a waiver acknowledging their personal responsibility by releasing Vertical Dreams from liability.