Start Your Own Climbing Club

Lead-overhangaNeed an after school activity?

Start a climbing club at Vertical Dreams from your school. Vertical Dreams is offering your School special discounted climbing passes for the Fall/Winter. These passes are good for admission to both the climbing gym in Manchester and Nashua! Climbing club meets one day per week, you pick your “club day”. Bring a friend on your club day and they will get free rentals with purchase of a climbing pass. The introductory lesson is included and equipment rentals are free on your “club day”. You also get a four month membership so you can come on your own on other days of the week. This program is offered to any school with a group of 5 or more students. To organize a club in your school contact

Climbing Club (Must start by the end of December)

4-month pass for $140. Good at either of our locations.

Free Introductory lesson.

Free rentals on your club day. (The day you come as a group.)

Bring a friend on your club day and they receive free rentals.

**Be sure to have your Vertical Dreams Waiver filled out and signed by your parent/guardian if you are under 18 years old. You can find the waiver on our website